Our Community

At Spakkel, we have three core values:

  • Connection. We take the "what" out of "what the heck is going on in our industry?" We connect you to all available resources and experts in a way that's entertaining and fun, as well as helpful and informative.

  • Community. We connect you with your peers. You aren't alone in goals and struggles, but sometimes it helps to know that. Collectively, we can leave a positive impact on our business, our community and our industry. We believe we are better together!

  • Content. We are unique in that we scour the industry for the best of the best. Whether they are your peers, someone who has been in your shoes and gone on to become wildly successful, or experts in particular topics, we bring you all together in a relatable, easily accessible way. 

Spakkel is not just a distributor of industry information; we're about personal and professional transformation.  Be a part of our community and start your transformation today.